Thai Culture

“Mai Pen Rai”, the first three words I learned in the Thai language. Not only is it the most popular phrase amongst Thai people, it also has strong affiliations with the Buddhist religion and is embraced as a philosophy for life. The phrase means ‘no worries’, ‘life goes on’, ‘what will be will be’, etc.


Thailand is recognized as the ‘Land of Smiles’, referring to the general cheerful and friendly nature of Thai people. “Saving face” is extremely important in this culture, that is to say that Thai’s prefer to completely avoid confrontation rather than deal with it. Negative emotions tend to be concealed with a smile.


The greeting in Thailand is called the ‘Wai’; it is the way to say hello, goodbye and thank you, and also the way to apologize and to pray. The ‘Wai’ consists of a slight bow, with the hands pressed together in a prayer-like fashion. The level the hands are raised and the level of the bow, corresponds to the amount of respect that is being shown.


Thailand is a constitutional monarchy and the country’s people have a deep respect for their King. A picture of the King’s face is printed on Thai money and for this reason it is considered extremely offensive to stand on Thai coins or crumple Thai notes. It is actually against the law to say anything disparaging against the King.

To find out more on Thailand’s intrinsic culture, follow the link below

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